Q&A with Trevor from Atom Bomb Tattoo

December 31st, 2010  |  Published in Interviews

I had the chance to catch up with Trevor Moment at Atom Bomb Tattoo for a few questions and a couple of photographs.

Michael Sawyer: Give us the rundown on Atom Bomb, the artists, and the work.

Trevor Moment: Atom Bomb has been around for ten years, we have four tattoo artists here and are currently in the process of moving the shop across the street. We moved a little over two years ago and improved drastically on the original shop, so to think the new studio will be nicer than the current one is an amazing thought. It’s cool to work at such an awesome place.

MS: What service and quality can customers expect from Atom Bomb?

TM: We are a all custom shop, meaning we don’t have any flash (pre-existing artwork). People come in with an idea and we draw it up for them. Each guy up here has their own style so customers end up with some really great and unique tattoos.

MS: Some artists specialize in portraits, B&W, or certain types of imagery, is there a specific style you prefer to work from?

TM: I don’t have one thing I specialize in. I really like to do American traditional and Japanese but have worked hard not to paint myself in a corner as far as doing any one thing. I think my strong point is my illustration skill, I really like to work with customers and get inside their heads and give them exactly what they want. Its great when people come to look at the drawings for their tattoos and say “wow, that’s exactly what I was picturing in my head.”

MS: You have a lot of ink, who does your work and did you plan to have it all B&W from the beginning?

TM: I have been tattooed by a ton of different people. I try to watch and ask questions and learn something new each time I get tattooed. Most of my stuff is black and gray, I think my back will have color when it’s done. I just let the guys tattooing do what they want and ask questions, trying to pick up a few new tricks of the trade. I don’t know how many hours I have been tattooed for, I have lots of tattoos and all the spots I have left suck and hurt a lot.

MS: What’s new with your band American Werewolves?

TM: AW is doing great! We are on a label called Warbird Entertainment, best label so far. The new CD Wanderers Forever is doing real good and I think we are going to Europe this summer. I have been writing a bunch of new songs so we will do another record and begin shooting some cool video stuff soon.


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