President Obama’s “Road Map to Akron”

August 7th, 2012  |  Published in Featured

In the early afternoon on August 1st, Air Force One touched down at Akron-Canton Airport for yet another visit from President Obama, as part of his campaign for reelection in 2012. The President gave remarks in both Akron and Mansfield; two working class Ohio cities whose manufacturing sectors have suffered during the recent economic downturn. Obama sought to highlight the effects of his economic and fiscal policies on these regions, speaking to a crowd of almost 3000 in Akron alone.

During the events, Obama outlined his vision of how to best grow the economy, by growing it from the “middle out, not the top down.” He also called upon Congress as he has done before to act on cancelling a scheduled tax increase he says will affect up to 98 percent of Americans. The President then spoke about fellow candidate Mitt Romney’s economic plan, which includes a proposal he says is weighted more toward the wealthy that provides up to $5 trillion in additional tax breaks.

President Obama was introduced during the Akron appearance, titled “Road Map to Akron”, by local nurse practitioner Jenna Ackerman, who stated the President’s tax cuts have gone a long way toward helping her family make ends meet. She cited his tax policy towards middle class families as providing relief as she and her husband prepare to pay for their three children’s college education even as they continue to pay down their own student loans, receiving a total of $5,600 in tax relief during the President’s first term.


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